Mr Mojo Risin’ – LA Woman (Teaser)

Mr Mojo Risin has performed in the Midwest area for years but hadn’t yet created any proper video marketing materials. The band requested to have one of their performances filmed to create a sampler that could be provided to potential venues and booking agents.

As with most live music performances, the venue was dimly lit (which creates a variety of challenges in terms of capturing their performance with tolerable quality).

Cloudless Media enlisted the help of Sony’s flagship camera, the A7sii. The Sony A7sii is very well-known for its low-light capabilities (along with it’s high quality performance with slow motion), making it the best choice to capture Mr Mojo Risin’s indoor performance without any film noise/artifacts.

The sampler video has been incredibly well-received by both Mr Mojo Risin’s existing fanbase as well as those in the music industry that the band is currently working with to schedule future shows in the surrounding states.